Quinta da Casa Branca


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Botanical garden

Since the inauguration, Quinta da Casa Branca has grown in relation to its green areas.
With this growth, it has been made possible to create what is known today to us and our guests as a true “Collection of Natures Works of Art.”
From our “Album of Species” stands out the Camphor Trees at the hotel entrance, followed by the luxuriant Floss Silk Trees, Pink Snowball, Yellow Trumpet Trees and the Caracas Big-Leaf.
The colours range from pink to yellow to purple. The whole path is flanked by a small grove where you will find the Indian Rubber Tree, Banana Trees, Olive Trees, African Tulip Trees and Norfolk Pines.
At the end of this path, which takes you up to the parking area, you will find the Tis, specie of some importance, as it is endemic to the island.
Going around the building that houses the Premium rooms, we enter a fresh gardened area, which leads to a gravelled path way wrapped up by enormous Indian Rubber Trees, Mexican Bread Fruit, Bamboo and others.
As we pass by the Health Club, we are met by an enormous explosion of colours caused by the presence of the Popcorn Bushes, Glossy Abelias, Pride of Madeira, Sword Aloe, Banana Trees, African Tulip Trees, Flame Trees, Coral Plants, Bird of Paradise, Wisteria among others.
We come to the end of our journey reaching the swimming pool area, which is beautifully enveloped by the Bougainvillaea, which in a way closes off the area giving privacy and creating an atmosphere of serenity. We are reminded of how alive the nature is here at Quinta da Casa Branca by the proud Elegant Palms, Canary Palms, African Tulip Trees, Norfolk Island Pines, Camphor Trees and Mango Trees. All this beauty obliges us to look after and nurture our nature.
We leave you with this small guide to be able to appreciate our nature just as much as we do. Most of the species are labelled, however some are not, due to the vast number we have.

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